Contra Dancing

We have found many people contra dancing in Second Life who have never contra danced in "first life", and this is wonderful! We hope that you will be able to try it some day.

Some quick tips for your first in-person dance:

  • Dress in layers. It's a physical activity and you'll heat up fast even on a very cold day.
  • Wear comfortable, soft-soled, non-marking shoes. Make sure they are clean so the floor (and people's noses) don't get dirty from all the dancing.
  • Arrive a bit early and someone is likely to help you with a few starter tips. 
  • Dance, don't watch. You cannot learn by watching. Most dances are good at welcoming  new dancers.

Here are some videos about contra dancing. But remember, you cannot truly learn by watching! If this looks complicated that's because you're seeing everyone in motion at once and not focussing on your one single point of view as you dance. That makes a huge difference.

Introduction to Contra Dance

Basic Contra Dance Moves

Collections by popular contra dance videographers

and finally Joel's favorite contra video - This is an unusually long contra dance (11:50) with a great caller (Will Mentor), a great band (Great Bear), non-traditional music, and a large, varied group with many experienced dancers.  A highlight is at 9:00, when the dancers sing along with the band.

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