Start Dancing

To join the folkdancers you go to the Folkdance Center, turn on your music, get your View Stabilizer HUD, and hop into the dance!

Go to the Folkdance Center

If you borrowed a temporary account, then after logging in you'll see the back of your avatar standing on the dance floor. Ahead of you may be moving colored dummies. 

If you chose the advanced route and created your own account, you'll need to "teleport" to the dance hall. 

For the standard Second Life viewer this is a multistep process:

  1. In your web browser (right here), click: The Folk Dance Center
  2. A new web page opens with a map of Second Life. It has your destination chosen. Click "Visit this location"
  3. If your web browser asks, grant permission to open the page in the standard Second Life Viewer. 
  4. Your Second Life viewer will open up. Log in.
  5. After logging in you'll see the back of your avatar standing on the dance floor. Ahead of you may be moving colored dummies. You may need to use your keyboard's arrow keys to turn around.

For the third-party Firestorm viewer you will need to paste this location into the login window: 

Cabria Village/57/92/22

Or, after you've logged in:

Hear the music

You may need to follow a few steps to hear music. 

  1. Make sure your computer sound is not muted and it is turned up.
  2. Hover (do not click) the mouse pointer over the speaker icon. A little sound mixer dialog will pop up. Make sure the three circled speaker symbols are not muted, that the two volume sliders are adjusted for comfortable levels., and Music box is checked.
SL Mixer

Finally, you'll need to Click the play button. In the standard Second Life Viewer it is the triangle button  (►) next to the speaker. In the third-party Firestorm viewer it is the musical notes button (🎵) in the same area of the screen.

Stabilize your view

When you first arrive on the dance floor, you’ll be offered a “view stabilizer.” It will appear in the top right corner of your viewer. (You may need to close other windows to see it.) Its purpose is to keep your view from whirling around dizzyingly as your avatar dances.  We suggest that you accept the offer. (If you don’t, but you regret it later, you can click on  one of the medium blue "Dance HUD" signs around the hall.)

The offer appears on your screen in the upper right of your window and looks like either Step 1, Step 2, or Step 3. 

Click for a full-size image

Follow these steps to attach the HUD. 

  1. If you see the Step 1 button, click it.
  2. If you see the Step 2 dialog, switch to the System tab and then click the row for the View Stabilizer.
  3. When you see the "Attach to your avatar" dialog, click "Yes".
  4. The HUD attaches to the bottom center of your screen. There are large numbers for the different views you can use. The tiny person silhouette moves your camera back to normal, for walking around.

Join the dance

  1. Right-click one of the dance dummies (solid-colored mannequins). A menu pops up. 
  2. Choose "Dance!" from the menu.

(When we are doing English country dancing, we use little colored balls instead of human-shaped dummies. They do the same thing. The menu item for them is "Sit Here", not "Dance!", but it does the same thing.)

For contra dancing it is easiest to wait for some dummies to be out at the bottom or top becaue they are standing still.


At the left of your viewer window is a box labeled Conversations. A tab on the left says Nearby Chat. Here you read comments being made by others who are near you. At the bottom of the box is a space where you can enter your own post "To nearby chat." This is a good place to ask questions about what to do. It's also kind to greet the assembled dancers. Press your keyboard's Return/Enter key to send your message. 


When you're not dancing, you may want to walk around. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move forward and back (up and down arrows) or turn to the left or right. (If you don't have arrow keys, use the W-A-S-D keys.)

If you have the View Stablizer HUD on, click the tiny person silhouette before you try to walk.

Changing your avatar

You can change the appearance of your avatar. That is an advanced topic beyond the scope of our website. Nonetheless we have some little guidance if you are determined. Read Changing Your Avatar.

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