Welcome to Second Life Folk dancing!

The folk dancers of Second Life welcome you!

The Folkdancers of Second Life have weekly dances featuring the best in lively contra, waltz and English country dance. No headsets needed, just download, get a free account, and come dance with us!

Host: Leena Quicksand

DJ and Caller: Hooten Haller

Technomage: Lec

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Second Life is a 3D virtual world. It's much more sophisticated and realistic (and equally more fantastical) than similar worlds you may have heard about. It offers many rich experiences, but despite it looking like a video game it is not. It's a giant virtual land you can explore, create, and customize. Second Life is a desktop computer app that looks like computer game, but pretty much any desktop or laptop computer purchased in the past 10 years will work with Seocnd Life.

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A small group of people have created dance simulations and we run a dance series

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